Chairman Message

I on behalf of Madhav Copper thank our team and our Business Partners for being an integral part in the growth of the organization and putting in all their efforts to make the company what it is today.

We all know that market is increasingly dynamic these days there came in the opportunity for us to take the next step and show the industry that we are among the top players in the copper alied product. We opted for corporatization in last few years and till now it has been a great success.

We always believe in development high quality copper product so as a result, We have proudly earn various world class manufacturing benchmarks including ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. we have four world class manufacturing facilities. we manufacture diverse high quality ,world class copper products used in ferrous product TMT bars, Round Bars, Ingots, Ship Breaking, Construction, Diamond and Jewelry etc.

We are constantly overcoming our yesterday to ensure we gear up for tomorrow. But while business is a priority, there is one thing which has highest priority on everything elseā€¦ Quality & Innovation in business. in this way we want to create for our Customers, Investors, Partners and Employees.

I thank all our associates across the globe for reposing trust and allowing us to serve them.

Mr. Nilesh Patel