Corporate Statement

We focus on our core competences, innovation leadership, encouragement and development of our personnel. We strive for continual improvement of our business processes in consultation with our customers and regard our social responsibility as strategic key factor and integral part of MADHAV GROUP specific corporate culture.

Success in winding solution, electrical engineering design, electrical power generation, electrical transmission & distribution, and electronic industries. Invariably depends on innovation and prudence. We require and encourage all our employees to develop creativity and initiative. This enables us to work together with our customers as partners to provide the best possible and sustainable solutions for their applications in terms of both quality and cost. Our solutions comply with the state of the art, latest technological machinery and plant facility with all relevant regulations, international standards and safety requirements and our solutions are particularly gentle to the environment.

Environmental protection and eco-friendly working are an important element MADHAV COPPER’S corporate strategy.

As part of our responsibility, we are striving to implement environmental management by using our environment and scarce natural resources with care, and by taking it as an opportunity to improve our efficiency.

MADHAV COPPER takes coordinated measures to create consistent, sustainable quality standards and makes sure all corporate areas will methodically follow clearly defined guidelines to meet these standards. To achieve this objective, Management places particular emphasis on the competence of each department and each employee’s willingness to take responsibility.

The corporate objective of MADHAV COPPER is to create the best possible customer benefit and maximum customer satisfaction by making optimum use of all its engineering, economic, and human resources to ensure the existence of our company for the years to come.