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Good & Clean plant with good quality infrastructure.

Mr.R.R.Shashtry Vice President Pluga pumps & Motors (Franklin Electric USA)

I have seen one of the best plant in Gujarat with All the type of testing facilities. Very well plant organization

Mr.Patel Mitesh D, Head-Material Electrical control & System (Epoxy House)

Good facility of manufacturing right from incoming material to finish modules.

Mr.P.J.Jadeja Vice president P.M.Diesel Pvt Ltd, (fieldmarshal Group)

Remarkable efforts taken in ensuring the manufacturing of the quality product. All the best for same. keep it up.All the type of testing facilities. Very well plant organization

Mr.Parijat Shukla Deputy Director Bureau of Indian Standard

1)Excellent housekeeping 2)Treat quality control in every step of manufacturing process 3) Excellent up keep of machine and plant 4) Modern testing facilities 5) Very happy and satisfied manpower.

S.K.Shukla, CEE/ISD/Mumbai, Indian Railways

Good Manufacturing Facility. Good Testing Facility. Well Managed systems

Mr. Kamal Unni Krishnan Asst. Manager V-Guarad Industries Ltd.

Appriciate the effort of team to put up a good facility. Kudos the team for keeping the plant nice and clean. Good system in place for quality check.

Mr. Abilash Krishnan Dy. Manager V-Guarad Industries Ltd.

The enamel and Polywarp manufacturing setup right from Raw Copper to finish product , the process is well set , good testing facility able to produce quality products .Myself will recommend the prodcucts to any good OEM with confidence.

Mr.T.B. Balamurali Krishnan, Manager - Purchase, Texmo Industries

I have seen one of the best unit in Gujrat as comapred to many units I visited , the facility is so clean and neat.

R.T .Pillai, Director , Prima Pumps Pvt.Ltd.

The plant is maintained very clean and very well organized. The focus on quality and system is very well visible. Appriciate much such things are maintained in mechanical industry.

Girish Patil , Head - Operation, TMEIC Power Electronic Division ,Banglore

Good Plant Layout & Manufacturing Facility.

Mr. A.H. Mahajan, Quality Manager-MR Electrical Control & System (Epoxy House)

Feel pleasant factory atmosphere, well systemized Quality check, well control process, very good housekeeping . All instrument and technology are with latest technology . Keeping system traceable.

Mr.Fijo Joy, Ass,Manager QA EMD, V-Guard Industries Ltd,

1 Good rather excellent shop floor with waiting launch 2 Technical Execution is good. 3 Planning & effectiveness phase to be well Maintained infrastructure as required good House keeping

Mr.Akshay Manjrawala Lead Auditor TUV Rheinland(India)Pvt ltd,

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